AIESEC Concordia

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SC 3-07
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AIESEC is the international organization for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Society needs leaders who are both globally-minded and value-driven. As the world’s largest, youth-run organization, we develop youth on a global scale into socially responsible and entrepreneurial leaders through our global internship programs.

AIESEC Canada is a registered non-profit that provides Canadian students the unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills through our Global Talent and Global Volunteer programs.

Telephone Number: 
(514) 889-5985
Position of Executive: 
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Stephani Moukhaiber
Additional Responsibility: 
Primary Signing Officer
Position of Executive: 
VP Finance
Name Of Executive: 
Sen Huang
Position of Executive: 
VP Outgoing Global Volunteer
Name Of Executive: 
Sandra Haffar
Position of Executive: 
VP Outgoing Global Talent
Name Of Executive: 
Michelle Rossy
Additional Responsibility: 
Signing Officer & Booking Officer
Date of Last Update to Constitution: 
Saturday, January 9, 2016