Global China Connection Concordia Chapter

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As an independent, non-profit, non-political organization with chapters on university campuses worldwide outside of mainland China, the objective of GCC is to:

  • Create opportunities for Chinese students and their international counterparts to socialize, learn and work together.
  • Through events and educational seminars—and the latest Internet, telecommunications and multimedia tools—bring together GCC members for learning, networking and developing future professional opportunities.
  • Advance international trust and understanding through GCC member and alumni personal and professional relationships.
  • Promote high ethical standards for GCC members’ academic, professional and personal lives along with a commitment to make the world a better place through lifelong fellowship.
  • Have fun together.​

Whether attending events, hosting delegations, writing research papers, or having a heated discussion over coffee, every interaction between our members connects China with the world, which helps our member to build a network of leaders who will shape the future.

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Yang Hon
Additional Responsibility: 
Booking Officer
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Jenny Zhang
Additional Responsibility: 
Secondary Signing Officer
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Ruoyao Liu
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Primary Signing Officer
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Friday, July 1, 2016