Power to Change

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On the waith list for one!
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We long for a day when no student graduates without engaging in the life changing message of Jesus. Join us in this vision and make an impact at Concordia. Check us out at our group gatherings on Thursday evenings (details @ fb.com/p2cconcordia). Change the world with us by helping students discover Jesus. For information about our retreats, conferences, missions trips and more go to p2c.com/students

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Michelle Elvidge
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Booking Officer
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Administrative Co-ordinator
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Max Cazeau
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Secondary Signing Officer
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Socials Co-ordinator
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Berothie Cazeau
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Primary Signing Officer
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Thursday, April 16, 2015


SOrry for the late submission but I did this in the spring thinking it would be good for June. I will send the signing officers in as soon as this is approved. Thanks!


James Lucas
(438) 862-0993