Concordia Syrian Students' Association

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Office Location: 
2020 Rue Mackay, P.206, Montréal H3G 2J1
Club Description: 

The Syrian Students Association, established by a group of Syrian Students, as a student group based in Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.
We are dedicated to improving Syrian Students Academic Experience, Educating ourselves and others about Syrian History and Culture, and building a unique Syrian foundation merged with the surrounding societies and other similar cultures.

Our Goals are: 

- To raise funds and awareness about the current refugee situation in Syria and surrounding countries. 
- To reunite the Montreal Syrian community in spite of political differences. 
- And finally to share the culture of the Syrian people.


Position of Executive: 
Name Of Executive: 
Salma Zein Al Abdin
Additional Responsibility: 
Signing Officer & Booking Officer
Position of Executive: 
VP External
Name Of Executive: 
Badr Rankoussi
Additional Responsibility: 
Secondary Signing Officer
Position of Executive: 
Name Of Executive: 
Myriam Deeb
Date of Last Update to Constitution: 
Tuesday, February 10, 2015