“Life improves dramatically when the pursuit of consumerism is gone”

Anti-Consumerism Week at Concordia is a week-long event series aimed at consuming less, empowering you to Do It Yourself (DIY) more, questioning the economic systems failing us, and inspiring our community to adopt a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Fist held in the fall of 2014, anti-consumerism week has become an annual CSU event, organized for 3 consecutive years. At the center of the week is a clothing swap, which organizes the collection of thousands of second hand clothes from students for the month prior to anti-consumerism week in order to redistribute them to hundreds of students as the week’s climax. Examples of other events include: cider on a shoestring budget, DIY kombucha, frugal filmmaking, and outdoor winter hikes.  Anti-consumerism week has consistently been met with high attendance and interest; it is one of the few event series at Concordia aimed at providing free skills trainings.



 Book Suggestions
- La simplicité volontaire, plus que jamais by Serge Mongeau
- No Logo by Naomi Klein
- Empire of Illusions, by Chris Hedges
- The Post Carbon Reader by Bill McKibben and al. 
- Nickled and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich 

 Documentary Films and Series
- The Corporation (2001)
- What Would Jesus Buy? (2008) 
- Hot Coffee (2011)
- Surviving Progress (2011)
- Darwin’s Nightmare (2004)


Photo: Tom Pennington
Text: The Simplicity Collective