Housing Coop Provisional Committee


CSU's Housing COOP Provisional Committee: 2 seats open, 1 seat reserved for a student in the Faculty of Fine arts.

This is a callout for additional members for the CSU's cooperative housing Provisional Committee! We are looking for one Fine Arts undergraduate student and one undergraduate student in any faculty to join our team! The CSU has a mandate from Concordia students to finance the construction of a new, affordable, student-run housing cooperative housing 100 to 150 students in apartments of various sizes ranging from two to four bedrooms. The CSU works in partnership with UTILE, a non-profit organization that is leading the development work of the building.  


The mandate of the housing coop's provisional committee is to plan how the coop's affairs will be managed and administered, in partnership with UTILE, up until the building construction is completed and students move in! The committee will participate in the architectural design of the building itself alongside with elements of interior design. It will also articulate the coop’s management structure and processes and foster the development of various potential collective projects in relation with the surrounding community.


Applicants are expected to be part of the provisional committee up until the building is built which is currently planned for July 2018; however, the mandates are set for one (1) year terms and are renewable. All applicants must currently be members of the Concordia Student Union and should ideally have a specific interest in one of the aspects mentionned, including the interior / exterior architectural design, cooperative management planning, development of socially oriented projects and community mobilization. It is important to be reliable and able to write and communicate in French and English. Other languages are an asset.


In order to apply, please click here. The deadline is Thursday September 29nd, 2016 by 6:00 pm.


Please include a motivation letter and any other documents you feel are relevant.

If you have any questions about the cooperative student housing project, please visit the CSU's page on Cooperative Student Housing and download the Frequently Asked Questions document for more information (also available in French.)

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