International Tuition Hike





The Concordia Student Union has recently learned that the Concordia administration has been planning tuition hikes for future interrnational students in undergraduate deregulated programs of study, under the guise of "cohort pricing." The programs affected will be engineering, computer science, business, mathematics, and pure sciences.


The Concordia administration has refused to release any detail regarding these tuition increases, and has displayed a complete lack of transparency. All we know is that they plan to implement the first "cohort pricing" for the Fall 2017.





CSU Statement - October 30, 2016

January 23, 2017 - This open letter addresses the success of the student mobilization against the proposed tuition increases for international students, and the need to remain mmobilized.

October 30, 2016 - This open letter summarizes what the CSU has learned about the announced tuition increases for international students, our concerns and our position.

Tuition hikes disproportionately impact already marginalized students.
Below is a letter outlining some of the impacts on queer students.

Sebastien's letter 

Here are some articles that have been published in the student press about the tuition hike: