Loyola Committee Member (Student at Large)

Job Description


What is a standing committee? The eight standing committees of Council are key parts of the CSU's governing structure. The standing committees are composed of four members of Council, one member of the Executive, and one student-at-large (general student from the body of Concordia undergraduate students, who are appointed by Council).

The purpose of these committees is to bring Councillors and students into the planning of the Union’s activities. Executives execute the mandates of Council and their committees for the students of Concordia. Committees play a vital role in helping to shape the portfolios of each executive. These committees are directed by Councillors and the student members, being an expression of their direct involvement at the CSU. Participation in these committees is an important responsibility.


Job Type
-Volunteer position
-Eligible for Co-Curricular Record


The Loyola committee is responsible for advising the CSU on how best to serve students at Loyola. It will make reports and recommendations to council regarding all CSU events, activities, and projects at Loyola. In addition, the committee is responsible for ensuring improved food options at Loyola, and advocate for the general interest of Loyola students. Members of this committee will expected to attend at least one meeting per month, and to actively participate in any projects which come up. The Loyola Coordinator will be the executive member sitting on this committee


Essential Requirements
An interest and enthusiasm for the Loyola campus

-Interest in Loyola events and bettering student opportunities at the Loyola campus


- Knowledge of student groups/organizations at the Loyola Campus

- An understanding of the CSU structures


How to Apply: 

Please send CV and Cover Letter to appointments[at]csu.qc.ca  with the subject line “Loyola Committee Member"


Job Closing Date: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Contact E-mail Address: 
appointments @csu.qc.ca
Contact Phone Number: 
514-848-2424 ext.8900