Other Funding Sources

- Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) Special Project Funding

The Arts & Science Federation of Associations offers special project funding to student projects. Click here for their application form. For more information on SPF grants from ASFA, please contact finance@asfa.ca. 

- Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) Special Project Grants

The Fine Arts Student Alliance offers special project grants for Fine Arts students. Click here for more information.

- QPIRG Concordia Discretionary Fund

QPIRG Concordia supports community events and initiatives through our board discretionary fund. Groups can apply to the board for money (they usually allocate between $50-$375) and/or access to QPIRG resources such as photocopies and staff support. Click here for more information.

- Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) Special Project Funding

SAF Concordia also offers funding for projects that are sustainability orientated. Their application guidelines can be found here.

- Dean of Students Office (CCSL)

The Dean of Students administers a Special Projects Fund through the Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL).  For their application guidelines, visit their website here.

- New Students Program (Community Orientation Initiaive)

This is also part of CCSL, and collects a fee from all new students (approximately $200,000). The money is spent on orientation projects although a lot of it is used internally; about $80,000 is set aside for student initiatives. You can apply to the NSP fund in June of each year for projects aimed at the whole Concordia community. The projects don't need to happen in orientation period, but as said before they must have the whole community as an intended audience. Apply by handing in a plan for your proposal to H-440 or AD-103. For more information, contact nspcoord@algol.concordia.ca.

- Office of the President

Although very little money is normally given for projects, you can still apply to the Office of the President for funding. Apply by handing in a proposal for your project to the President's office at GM-801.

- Colleges, Schools and Departments

For a speaker of an academic nature, funds can be made available through the related department. For example, if you are bringing in a speaker on an environmental issue, the Department of Geography could contribute funding. Again, apply early, as funding is limited. Contributions from departments vary, but tend to be approximately $100. Apply by handing in a plan for your project to the department. Remember if your project touches on more than one issue, you can apply to more than one department.

- Office of Alumni Affairs

There are three Alumni funds to apply to, the Sir George Alumni, the Loyola Alumni and the Concordia Alumni. The Loyola Alumni have more money than the Sir George Alumni, but tend to only fund things that benefit the Loyola campus. As well, the office of Alumni Affairs, that administers both groups, has a small fund available for student projects. Apply by handing in a plan for your project to 1250 Guy St .