Reggie's Bar

Reggies is now a Solidarity Cooperative! 

In June 2016, Reggies Bar changed ownership from CUSACORP (the for-profit wing of the CSU) to becoming an independent solidarity cooperative. 

The cooperative model was the best option for the bar and ensures that the bar remains student run. The cooperative has a board of directors which currently holds 8 seats. 

        5 user member seats (1 seat per faculty & 1 seat for a community member)

        2 support member seats (1 seat reserved for the CSU & 1 seat reserved for the Centre for Gender and Advocacy)

       1 worker member seat                                            

The general manager of the bar has a permanent observer seat on the board. 

If you have any questions about the cooperative, please email: or visit

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- Reggie's Bar Conceptual Plan for Renovations (Winter 2015)

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