Concordia Powerlifting Club

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The Concordia Powerlifting club brings a new dynamic to Le Gym and the whole campus by uniting all powerlifters, ranging from beginner all the way to advanced. Powerlifting is an individualistic sport, however having the right training partners is essential when trying to achieve your goals. As a result, it tends to be hard for most people practicing power lifting to find training partners with the same mindset. Having a club to join rather than an online forum makes the interactions in between members far more valuable. Having a group of people with the same mindset will motivate you to surpass your limits and excel in the sport.  

For any new members joining a gym, they are generally only shown one way of training. This method is typically referred to as bodybuilding. People might not necessarily like this type of exercise and tend to give up rather than try to find something that they enjoy. Having the ability to join a fitness/sports club would allow them to experience a different side of training. They would be able to find immediate support and guidance at the most important time. Experimenting with different techniques or training regimens would make the whole process far more enjoyable, which could influence other students who might have been intimidated beforehand to join a gym. The more experienced members of the club would then mentor or at least introduce the beginners to the sport. This could prevent injuries in the long run and create a far more enjoyable experience.

For the more advanced lifters, certain events and competitions would be organized throughout the year. There are events all around Quebec and Canada referred to as “meets”, where hundreds of powerlifters come to test their “max” or limits. If things go well, students can go to these events and represent Concordia, expanding the community and bringing more attention to the university.

With such a club, it would allow the sports and fitness community at Concordia to grow all while bringing more students closer together. This will create a campus with healthier individuals and will promote and healthy and active life style. 

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President & Treasurer
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Michel Balik
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Signing Officer & Booking Officer
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VP Events
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Phoebe Cullingham
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Head Coach
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Sebastian Jacek-Cote
Additional Responsibility: 
Secondary Signing Officer
Date of Last Update to Constitution: 
Thursday, January 21, 2016