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We are the undergraduate students from Concordia university. Staying in, Montreal and attending Concordia gave us a wide experience of a diverse society. We can observe just staying at Concordia that we have been gathered around with many culture and traditions here. Seeing different clubs and societies at Concordia, gave us some motivation to propose a club that is not active for our Concordia community, to which they should be familiarized.

Based on the interest of the student body from Pakistan we revived the Pakistani Student Association [PSA] as a Club under the CSU.

The main goal of this club is to promote Pakistan in Concordia University and to Montreal community. Further to liaise with Pakistani students who intend to come to Concordia University and to provide them necessary information and clarification whenever required. PSA will hold events and get-togethers, on a regular basis, in order to develop a connection of Pakistani Tradition to student community. PSA will encourage and coordinate educational, intellectual, social, cultural, and recreational activities for Pakistani and other students at CU. Hold events to exhibit Pakistani art and culture to other Concordia students and faculty members. To ensure open channels of communication between the PSA and other organizations recognized by the Concordia Student Union and Concordia University.

Please feel free to contact PSA with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your consideration.



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Rizwan Fahim Syed
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Signing Officer & Booking Officer
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VP Internal
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Salman Syed
Position of Executive: 
Marketing Coordinator
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Safi Zulfiqar Azeem
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Secondary Signing Officer
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VP External
Name Of Executive: 
Aarij Ali Mirjot
Position of Executive: 
VP Finance
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Sundus Iftikhar Qureshi
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Monday, June 12, 2017