Finding Work Off Campus


Looking for work off campus? Check out these resources from Concordia and the community that can help you find the right job for you. Remember to know your rights and watch out for scams! 


Concordia University has two departments that can help you with your off-campus job search:


Career and Placement Services:

Location: 2070 Mackay (SGW campus)


Counselling and Development:

Location: H-440 (SGW campus) and AD-103 (LOY campus)


Some examples of the services that these two departments offer:

1.      Career development workshops (resume, cover letter, job search, etc.)

2.      Career counselling

3.      Assistance with your resumes, cover letters, and personal statements

4.      Assistance with your job search

5.      Mock interviews


For students at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia provides another career development office:


Career Management Services at JMSB:

Location: MB 004-301                


Two job databases provided by Concordia University:

1.      The first database is managed by the Counselling and Development department at Concordia.

The database can be accessed at: -> Student Services -> Counselling and Development -> CAPS -> Job Postings

2.      The second job database is managed by the Career Management Services at the John Molson School of Business. Only JMSB students can access it.



Non-Concordia job databases:


Job search engines:



Simply Hired




Job Boom



Job banks by the federal government:


Archive Job Bank


Job bank by the Québec government:

Emploi Quebec


Take advantage of the resources and information published on other universities’ websites:


In addition to Concordia’s resources, other universities have their career development websites on which students can find many resources.


McGill University’s career resources

University of Waterloo’s career resources:


Recommended Concordia resources and programs that can help you with off-campus job search:


A brief overview of resources regarding jobs and careers:

A brief overview of online job banks

Programs offered by Advancement and Alumni Relations:

Concordia Mentor Program:

Job search resources offered by the Oui Can Help! program:

An online mock interview tool offered by Counselling and Development:



Recommended non-Concordia resources that can help you with off-campus job search:


Youth Employment Services is an English-language service for students and young professionals in Montreal. Most of the services are offered free of charge:



Advice on preparing a Québec-style résumé offered by Immigration Québec:



Curriculum vitae VS Résumé:


A résumé is different from a curriculum vitae (CV). A résumé is much shorter than a CV, and is used for looking for a non-academic job. A CV is usually for academic positions such as professorship. However,in Québec, the term CV is used often interchangeably with a résumé.




Some may argue that networking is the most powerful tool for job search. Here are some resources about networking and developing your professional connections.


The easiest step is to join the student association in your department, program of study, or

faculty. For instance, JMSB students can join the Commerce and Administrative Students’ Association CASA:



Toastmasters provides a community for people to improve their public speaking skills while networking.


Concordia has its own Toastmasters club



Professional Etiquette:


Tips on dining etiquette


Information on salaries:

Glass Door

Salary Expert



Note that the information on salaries may not apply to non-career-oriented/part-time jobs.


For a PDF version of our Basic Employment document click here

For a PDF version of our Minimum Wage postcard click here