Délégation Concordia aux Jeux de la Communication

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The Jeux Franco-Canadiens de la communication is a major communication competition held in March. It opposes nine Canadian universities in various communication and journalism-related cases including: Advertising, TV Newscast, Debate, Video Production, Late Night Show, Event Planning, Sports and many more. During the five days of the competition, 32 students per university compete against each other in front of professional juges and are given the chance to stand out, build a network and create job opportunities. 

A happy mix of intense training and celebratory events reuniting the 9 competing universities, the Jeux de la Communication is the complete university experience for all students interested in the field of communication, journalism, television, radio, film, advertising and everything in between. It gives you the opportunity to get involved in a life changing college experience and will allow you to develop professional skills no class could teach you. We look forward to having you on our team!

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VP External Affairs
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Laurence Chartrand
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Primary Signing Officer
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VP Finance
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Frédérique Hamel
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Secondary Signing Officer
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VP Internal Communication
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Jean-Francis Généreux
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Booking Officer
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Saturday, June 10, 2017