Concordia University Tamil Mantram (CUTAM)

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Tamil is a language, a heritage, a culture, an ethnicity and an identity. To strengthen and share this identity is our mandate.

Concordia University Tamil Mantram (CUTAM) is dedicated exclusively to support and promote Tamil Culture within the students of Concordia and the local community.
The goal of CUTAM is to increase cultural awareness through various cultural activities and to elevate the credits of Tamil Students at Concordia University as well as to the grand public.
Annually, we organize movie nights, fund-raising events, sports events, religious events, blood drives as well as the annual talent show "KALAIAMUTHAM" as our committment to promote and preserve our cultural legacy. CUTAM also organizes a Tamil networking event known as the Tamil Formals that attracts crowds of Tamil students throughout Canada to Montreal.



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VP Internal
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Geerthikha Thankarajah
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Signing Officer & Booking Officer
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Name Of Executive: 
Priyanka Kandiah
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Secondary Signing Officer
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VP Marketing
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Asmina Thirunavukarasu
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VP Finance
Name Of Executive: 
Subish Pathmanathan
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015