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Apartment Search Tools


Here are some helpful resources that can compliment our assistance to you in searching for an apartment.  Be sure to visit us to gain access to our list of apartment, roommate and classifieds ads online, or to receive legal information in regards to housing.


Worksheets and Evaluation Tools 

Step 1:
Use this worksheet to decide exactly what you want and need in your future apartment or room.
Rental Search Worksheet | CMHC

Step 2:
Use this worksheet to compare up to 3 different apartments or rooms, allowing you to make a more balanced decision. 
Accommodation Comparison Worksheet | CMHC

Step 3:
Use this worksheet to evaluate an apartment more thoroughly before you sign the lease.  If you like the apartment, but you discover issues through this evaluation form, be sure to withhold your signature until all the resolutions are listed in the lease, with a date of completion.  This includes promises of repairs, paint/painting, etc.
Rental Unit Evaluation Worksheet | CMHC

Step 4:
Complete this initial inspection sheet (in addition to fulfilling Step 3) with the landlord beforesigning the lease.  There is a place for you and the landlord to sign at the bottom of this form.  It may help protect you from having to pay for the damage of old tenants, or negligence of the landlord.  
Note: Risk of accepting a lease transfer/assignment: If you are accepting a lease transfer, you accept the apartment as the previous tenant received it.  This means, if the previous tenant damaged the dwelling, made changes contrary to the lease (ie. rules about painting) while they lived there, you may be held liable as you are continuing the same lease.
Initial Inspection Worksheet | CMHC

NOTE: Inspect the dwelling before you move in, and again during the first 10 days of living there (using the above sheet).  If you discover problems, list the problems and gather evidence, then come to our office immediately in order to learn how to take recourse.


For a PDF version of the 2015 Apartment Rental Averages Click here ( in mandarin)