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Different types of leases


Lease Agreement Types: 
(See our office for all necessary forms and procedures)

NEW LEASE: lease provided by Régie du logement;

SUB-LEASE: for tenants who temporarily leave dwelling;

LEASE ASSIGNMENT/TRANSFER: for tenants to wish to leave their dwelling permanently;

ROOM TO RENT/BOARDER (no lease, not covered under Régie du logement): owner rents out a room in their private dwelling;

JOINT TENANCY AGREEMENT: all tenants on the lease create a letter agreement with other joint tenants to establish: portion of rent to be paid, division of bills, exclusive use of rooms, etc.

·        OCCUPANCY AGREEMENT: tenant on the lease invites other(s) to reside in the dwelling without having them sign the lease with the landlord.
Caution: If not more than 2 rooms are rented out by the tenant on the lease, the occupants are not covered by provincial housing regulations.