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Learning and Improving French in Montreal



One of the greatest obstacles that students encounter when looking for jobs is the requirement of proficiency in French. Often times, in the job postings, employers list their requirements for the following four categories and indicate whether each of them is an “asset” or a “necessity”: oral English, written English, oral French, and written French.


Because of the language laws in the province of Quebec, if you work in a medium-sized company or a large company, you are required to speak French at the workplace. In addition, anyone has the right to be served in French, which means that if your job involves interacting with the public, you are required to speak French with francophone clients.


Learning French is a lengthy and somewhat painstaking process; it requires an intense passion for the language to master it. If your goal is to live and work in Quebec after you graduate, then studying and improving French is definitely necessary.


Learning French at Concordia:


Concordia has launched an initiative called Oui Can Help to help out-of-province and international students find French-language resources on campus and throughout the city:



Oui can help offers French language bursaries to out-of-province and international students who register for French courses at the Département d’études françaises (Department of French Studies) at Concordia.


Learning French outside of Concordia:

External resources listed by the Oui Can Help program:


Resources at Emplois Centre-Ville that include links to courses in French:


Resources at the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion


A comprehensive collection of online French resources by the Office québécois de la langue française:


Learning French by watching videos and TV shows:


TV shows in French:


TVA network:


V network


Radio Canada the French version of CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation):