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Looking for an Internship?


What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary work position that can be paid or unpaid. Many students seek out internships throughout their academic career as a means to gain experience, make connections and get real-life exposure to their field of study. In some cases, successful internships can lead to part-time or full-time job offers.  Many professionals will claim that the experiences they encountered through internships were the most valuable and formative to their eventual careers.


When looking for an internship the following questions can be helpful before embarking on your search:
-Am I looking for a paid internship? Or am I just looking to gain experience? This is important to mention when you inquire about a potential internship. Many people will opt for a summer internship because they have more time to commit to a paying and possibly more demanding internship.
-How long is the particular internship you’re embarking on? Many formal internship programs will have minimum participation lengths.
-If you are looking for an internship to fulfill course requirements, how many hours do you need to complete within your internship? Do you need to have your internship approved by a counselor or professor before starting it?
-Critically assess how many hours a week you can commit to your internship. Be honest about how much time you can commit to a position when you accept it, especially if it’s not paid. 
Making an Internship-Oriented CV
Visit Career and Placement Services to make an appointment to review your CV and Cover Letter (English and French services):
2070 Mackay (EN-109)
514-848-2424 ext: 7345

Prioritize the information by its pertinence to your stage; begin your CV with your educational background, followed by your relevant skill set, and then any pertinent job/volunteer/project experience you have. After that you can summarize “complimentary experience” such as part-time work that may not relate specifically to the internship.
Finding an Internship
-Ask professors that know you if they have recommendations for places to intern. Occasionally professors will offer you work related to their research or field of work.
-Approach companies/groups/collectives that you admire in your field. While often these groups do not have formal internship programs they may be interested in someone who’s willing to offer time in exchange for experience.
-Apply and inquire about several internships. Especially in smaller and more niche fields finding an internship can be very competitive. Just because you’re willing to offer your time for little-to-no-money does not mean someone else does not have the same idea!
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