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Protecting your Privacy


Upon signing a lease, it is important to be aware of your privacy rights and what kind of information you are handing over to your landlord. Educating yourself will help in preventing situations in which your personal information is used against you. If you are unsure about the private information being asked of you, refer to these guidelines or come into our office!

Information that Landlords CAN ask you for:

First and last name
Current and previous full addresses
Name and contact information
Date of birth
Credit checks

Information that Landlords CANNOT ask you for:

Credit card numbers
Social Insurance Numbers
Driver’s permits
Bank account information
Student visas
Health Insurance

Steps to respond to a landlord who has required illegal and unnecessary personal information

If a landlord has required illegal or unnecessary personal information on a lease or lease application form:
Ask for a copy of the application for your records.
Save a copy of all of the information you provided to the landlord in order to prove your payment history (ensure this was sent to the landlord by registered mail).
Consider doing your own credit check for your landlord rather than handing over the private information required if your landlord performs the credit check.
Visit our office and fill out a complaint form and get more information and support.

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