Concordia Surf Club

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The concordia surf club is a place where curious novices and experienced surfers meet to share their passion or interest. Our main goal is to create a small community of surfers in Montreal through surf based activities, restaurants and a bi-weekly newsletter. Moreover we are here to make the surf activities possible as we are  experienced surfers and swimmers: we can teach and help new members to like this incredible sport by providing our technique. The spots are all quite far away, we will orgenize the trip from Concordia to the surf areas.The surf is possible outside in the stlaurent (KSF: paddle and surf), and inside in Oasis surf club (Longueil) and Laval surf club. 

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Pierre Mulliez
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Signing Officer & Booking Officer
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VP marketing
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Florian Prual
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Secondary Signing Officer
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VP finance
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Gautier Marechal
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017