Hillel Concordia

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2020 Mackay, P-205
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Hillel Concordia is a club at both Loyola and Downtown campus that provides a fun and enriching Jewish experience for students. Our objectives:
1. To serve as the embodiment of the Jewish community on campus.
2. To foster the continuity of Jewish heritage and values through religious, social, political, and cultural expression.
3. To create programs with the intent of stimulating student interest in Judaism, and to develop Jewish student leadership.

Position of Executive: 
Name Of Executive: 
Jonathan Mamane
Additional Responsibility: 
Signing Officer & Booking Officer
Position of Executive: 
At Large
Name Of Executive: 
Rebecca Starr
Additional Responsibility: 
Secondary Signing Officer
Position of Executive: 
Name Of Executive: 
Sarah Hazan
Date of Last Update to Constitution: 
Wednesday, May 6, 2015