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If you have cockroaches please come to our office for information on how to formally inform your landlord. The resources below are meant to complement the information that we will provide to you. Remember, it's important to visit us so that we can give you the paperwork and details of the process in order to effectively deal with the problem. You can also pick up hard copies of these documents in our office. 

Cockroaches Pest Note: Health Canada
This resource offers general information on cockroaches, including how to manage them.

Keeping a Personal Record of Cockroach Problems
This is a useful resource to  keep track of where the cockroaches are originating from in order to better direct the exterminator.


Farewell to Cockroaches
This CMHC booklet is a comprehensive guide to help you deal with cockroaches. It contains action plans, answers about pesticides and steps you can take to help resolve the problem