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Students and Employment


Does cash really rule everything around me?

To cover living costs most of us will need at least one job to support ourselves while we study. Finding decent and flexible employment is a constant and recurring priority for most students. Did you know that 1 in every 8 students in Québec are unable to find part-time jobs at any given time? Many Concordia students face specific barriers including: not speaking French, having little work experience, being student parents with limited availabilities, amongst other things. Taking these obstacles into consideration, HOJO wants to help in your search for employment. 

A few interesting facts: 
•    96% of employed students work in the service industry. Although these may not be your dream jobs, these experiences will help you develop important work skills and improve your CV.        Within the service industry there are several sectors to consider, such as working in retail, hospitality, or the food sector.
•    Since the 2008 recession began, part-time hours have been decreased by an average of 3 hours per week. These jobs generally consist of full-time student employees. 
•    The average work week for a student living at home is 21 hours per week. 
•    The average full-time student, living independently, works an average of 24 hours per week. 
•    The minimum wage for workers who don’t make tips is $10.75 as of May 1st, 2016. 
•    The minimum wage for workers who do make tips is $9.20 as of May 1st, 2016; (for example a server who waits tables)
•    The average hourly wage for full-time students is $12.00 per hour. 
•    From 2008-10, the unemployment rate increased for full-time students by 4%. 

Although finding a job may be more difficult than before, do not despair! There are a few resources around Concordia that can help. Here are a few ideas: 

•    Search HOJO's Classifieds website for jobs or come into our office to check out the jobs bulletin board in H-260: 514-848-7474 ext. 7935
•    Career and Placement Services Concordia helps with Cover letters and CVs, finding full-time work, and interview skills: Phone: (514) 848 - 2424 ext: 7345
•    Ask your faculty and department for opportunities as research assistants, teachers’ assistants or other field-related job opportunities.
•    If you are a student parent check out the Concordia University Student Parent Centre for support and services 514-848-2424 ext. 2431 or 2439.
•    If you are low on experience, you can volunteer your time to gain some experience. Contact the Concordia LIVE Centre: 514-848-2424 ext. 5573

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