Recipes for Change

Application deadline: January 11th
Wednesdays || January 17th - April 11th || 4 PM - 7 PM

“Recipes for Change: a seminar in community organizing” is a semester-long hands-on workshops series about building social movements from the ground up. Dynamic 2-3 hour weekly sessions will provide you with a range of practical skills from finding money to finance your campaigns to toning your media skills, all with the goal of fostering meaningful engagement with pertinent socio-political issues within our communities.

It is open to undergraduate students and entirely free!

Upon completion with an 80% participation rate, students will earn a Concordia Student Union Certificate in Community Organizing. Additionally, students may have it added to their transcripts on their Co-Curricular Record.

Registration is required and participants must commit to attending all of the workshops. If you are interested in one or more workshops, but cannot commit to the entire series, there will be a limited number of drop-in seats available on a first-come, first served basis.

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  • January 17 – Cooking from scratch: how to build a movement from the ground up

    Let’s get cracking! To start off the series, first, we’ll get to know each other, then we’ll talk about how to collectively cook up communities of resistance that meaningfully engage with social issues. We’ll go over the basic ingredients you'll need to develop effective grassroots campaigns, and how to ignite successful social movements that win concessions and make concrete change. Then we'll mix up everything that we learned together to produce a deliciously relevant sample campaign plan!
  • January 24 – Graphic design is my passion.

    This hands-on workshop will cover the basics of designing posters, flyers, and other promotional materials, using free and open-source software, with a focus on accessibility and readability. We’ll go over some of the tools that are available, and work on a poster mock-up while sharing tips on picking colour themes, choosing images and fonts, and arranging text. This is a beginner-friendly workshop, so no experience or previous training is required! Please bring your own laptop and a mouse (if possible). Graphic tablets can also be used but are not required.
  • February 7 – Ingredients of an uprising: lessons from the 1969 computer riot

    As extreme far-right groups gain popularity, it is crucial to ask ourselves how we can collectively work together to counter the rise of the racism and neo-fascism. Rodney John, one of the original six black biology students who stepped forward to complain about racist grading at Sir George Williams will share from his involvement in the computer uprising and provide us with concrete tools on grassroots mobilization.
  • February 14 – Sifting through the numbers: how to finance your campaign

    So you want to coordinate a project relating to social, environmental, and/or economic justice, but you need some cash to get started? You’re in luck because Concordia is home to tons of funds set aside for student-led projects! This workshop will provide you with a simple and straightforward information on funding sources available on campus, and how to access it.
  • February 28 – Whip up some protest art: patches, pins and placards

    Why does social change need art? Why do art practices benefit from social change? This workshop will connect these concepts in a fun and creative way. We will talk about art and activism as well as get our hands dirty with some crafting. The second part of the workshop will take pop songs and turn them into protest songs in a participatory workshop that can be modified to fit all your protest needs!
  • March 7 – Shredding colonialism: lessons from pro-Palestine organizing at Concordia

    Description TBA.
  • March 14 – Don’t get roasted - know your rights!  Legal info 101

    What should you do if you get stopped by the cops? What if the protest you’re at is declared illegal? What are the legalities of blockades and occupations? This workshop will equip you with basic legal information as it relates to your social justice campaign work and orient you to available resources to empower you to keep fighting the good fight!
  • March 21 – What if you get scalded? Basics of first aid

    An overview of first aid in the context of political actions, demonstrations and large events. We will discuss medical ethics and patient consent, basic aid techniques and how to apply them in common scenarios (eg. pepper spray, tear gas) and less common scenarios (eg. broken bones), mental health first aid, and operating as part of a medic team. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire first aid skills while sharing their own experiences and practicing techniques.   
  • March 28 – Turn up the heat: lessons from the 2012 student strike

    Description TBA.
  • April 4 – Stirring the pot: how to get good media coverage

    This workshop will give you the low-down on how to get the media to cover your events and actions. Organizing actions and edgy stunts is important, but getting the media to show up and publicize those big moments is key. From writing a press release to organizing a press conference to tips and tricks for talking to journalists, by the end of this workshop you will be a media wizard.
  • April 11 – Lights, camera, action! Turning your lukewarm video into a masterpiece

    Description TBA.

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